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One network reaching 100,000+ entrepreneurs

Effortlessly reach entrepreneurs in their inbox

We all know that email is the most effective marketing channel...

How it Works

One package gets you into three newsletters

Over a single week you'll be featured in 10 total issues seen by 100,000+ entrepreneurs



We've already worked with some great companies including...

Liam Gill Newsletter Network June 2023.png


Key audience metrics and data

  • 76% of subscribers say they have purchased through an ad in our newsletter.

  • 73% of subscribers are Startup Founders. The next most common titles are Manager,  Partner and Director. 

  • 60% average open rate generating 750 Clicks Per Week on average on advertisements.

Partner Results

Monalisa Rath, SignEasy

Awesome... I have shared the link to the newsletter with the larger marketing team, and they loved it.

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