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Engage potential LPs and future portfolio companies.

We are experts at writing content for entrepreneurs and investors with over 100k entrepreneurs and 10k investors reading our content every week!

About us

Our team writes 4 newsletters reaching 125,000+ entrepreneurs and 10,000+ investors weekly. Our founder is the former Managing Editor of, a media company founded and led by Jason Calacanis. 

While writing for entrepreneurs and investors, we regularly achieve an open rate of over 50%, and about 1% of readers answer poll questions. This means our audience loves to read and engage with our content!

What can we do for you?

Elite Entrepreneurs Media offers a newsletter writing service for Venture Capitalists and Investment Firms. Having a newsletter allows you to capture the emails of anyone visiting your website and to stay top of mind with a weekly broadcast increasing your dealflow and chances of raising from potential LPs.

How does it work?

Every Sunday we send out an email to all your subscribers in the following format:

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The top business story, legal insight and pitching tip will be picked from the content we've sent in the past week through our newsletters. We curate what appears in your newsletter based on your firm's industry/vertical and how well content performs when shared through our newsletters. 

You can request to remove any part of the newsletter upon registering with us. 

The only commitment from your team is to send 1-4 sentences weekly to provide an update on your firm's progress each week. 

What is the cost?

We charge $1,250 per month to send this weekly newsletter on your behalf. We have an introductory offer of $2,500 for the first 4 months (this includes setup time, which is normally one week but can be longer if your team isn't able to help us get setup to send on your behalf quickly). 

When can we get started?

You can sign up right now below.

Once you've signed up, you'll receive a questionnaire to confirm the content you want to have and our point of contact for the weekly summary (5-minute questionnaire), and you'll receive detailed instructions on getting us set up to start sending on your behalf (this process generally takes under 1 hour).

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